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Besides embalming tuition, we offer a selection of other embalming related services aimed at various funeral professionals. Please take a moment to look through the full range of what we have on offer.

Embalming Cover


Embalming cover (holiday/sickness/seasonal) >Provision of short- or long-term cover for embalming services, or assistance in preventing any delays due to seasonal changes in demand. >Holiday cover >Sickness cover >Maternity/Paternity cover >Business Continuity Demand

Embalming Training & Education


Embalming training and education >Tuition toward BIE qualification. >Cosmetising and restoration courses. >Non-embalming presentation of deceased training aimed at Funeral Service Operatives. >Bring into care best practice training. >Embalming awareness courses aimed at funeral arrangers and funeral directors.

Health & Safety Surveys


Health and Safety Surveys, consultation, and advice >A requirement of maintaining BIE accreditation is an awareness of the most up to the minute best practices and legal requirements relating to Health and Safety within the mortuary and embalming theatre environments. >As the…

Mortuary & Embalming Theatre Design & Consultation


Mortuary and embalming theatre design and consultation >The embalming procedure and final presentation of the deceased should be conducted in a suitable environment that is safe, fit for purpose and safeguards the dignity of the deceased. >We offer a consultation service sympathetic…